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Piovan SPA, Santa Maria di Sala, Italy, has added features to its Winfactory 4.0 management and process-control software and released new versions of it to meet the needs of specific types of plastics manufacturers. “We have added many, many features to the software,” said Giorgio Santella, corporate VP of service and sales in North America. “Today, Winfactory 4.0 has developed into preconfigured versions." In addition to the software’s basic supervisory package, Piovan now offers versions designed for:

• PET preform and bottle producers,
• medical equipment and component producers
• automotive market manufacturers
• film manufacturers
• sheet manufacturers
• and pipe manufacturers.

“Each of these Winfactory 4.0 [versions] has specific configurations built into it,” Santella said. “Each has a unique display and interface between user and system. The configuration is designed for the specific user’s environment. A solution for a PET preform and bottle customer is different from a solution for a pipe, profile and cable customer.” In addition to the new configurations, Piovan has released energy-management software that works with all versions of Winfactory 4.0. The energy-management software can calculate the energy costs for producing each part and operating each piece of machinery, as well as determine which parts are most profitable. “It’s very, very important information for the producer to help them understand their profits,” Santella said.


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