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Bob Crawford retired May 31 as vice president of engineering for Universal Dynamics Inc.
Crawford left "with a long legacy of machine designs that have proved instrumental to Una-Dyn success" over his 42 years with the company, President Bill Goldfarb said. Crawford provided "valuable production capabilities to generations of customers," Goldfarb added. Una-Dyn appointed Patricia Clary as director of engineering in October 2017.

Crawford had decades of institutional history, understood the intricacies of transferring technology from Italy and lent crucial intimate knowledge in Una-Dyn's current complex 35-mile move in Virginia to Fredericksburg from Woodbridge. Crawford earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland in 1976 while majoring in business management with a focus on production management. Six months later, he joined Una-Dyn and entered its management training program. He moved into engineering management in 1977 and was named Una-Dyn vice president of engineering in 1993. He is associated with six U.S. patents involving two dehumidifier technologies; pulse coolers including a twin-dryer technology; and a press-loading vacuum chamber for quick material changes. Crawford, 67, grew up in the nearby Maryland suburbs. As a child, he built things including projects that were entered in science fairs. "There was always something basic and fundamental about building things," he said. His grandparents lived in North Beach, Md., on the Chesapeake Bay, so he spent time on the water. At 13, he built an 8-foot boat. Crawford and his wife, Nancy, plan to spend their summers in the historic Village of Harvey, also known as Harvey Station, in New Brunswick, Canada. Nancy was born in the village on the southeastern end of Harvey Lake. During other months, Bob and Nancy Crawford will live at their longtime home in Stafford, Va., about eight miles from the new Una-Dyn location. "Talk about the proposed relocation of the Una-Dyn plant began in the 1990s," said Crawford, then living in Maryland. "When my wife and I got together, we found Stafford more suitable for our job locations." Crawford has three adult step-sons.


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