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Desiccant dryers might produce the biggest sales numbers, but buyers have other options, too. For example, Universal Dynamics Inc., recently introduced new dryers that employ other technologies. Una-Dyn’s new model combines desiccant drying with what it calls “reactor drying technology”. 

Universal Dynamics Inc., Woodbridge, Va., has introduced GenesysR, its new drying system for PET used in preforms. Una-Dyn’s parent, Piovan SpA, Santa Maria di Sala, Italy, first presented GenesysR to customers during the K show in October. It uses “reactor drying technology,” which combines the benefits of rapid heating of the PET with an automated system that ensures the injection molding machine’s injection pressure won’t fluctuate due to moisture in the resin.

“The reactor drying technology is a brand-new development of Piovan that combines the benefits of using a reactor-type vessel in place of a traditional drying hopper, along with the advanced capabilities of a Genesys twin-bed, desiccant-type, dry-air generator,” said Giorgio Santella, Piovan’s chief marketing officer. “The two together are the GenesysR system.” The use of a reactor vessel reduces the drying time from seven hours to five hours and significantly increases the energy efficiency compared to a conventional drying system. A reactor vessel speeds drying by allowing for better air distribution and more rapid heat transfer. GenesysR’s operating temperature ranges from 340 to 355 degrees Fahrenheit. While similar to solid-state polymerization (SSP) technology, the GenesysR dryer operates at lower temperatures and the process does not increase the intrinsic viscosity of the PET. The GenesysR system yields energy savings of about 60 percent compared to a conventional drying system, Santella said. It is particularly suited for high-volume applications, where the benefits of its low-energy, highly stable process can be maximized.


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