Established in 1957, UNIVERSAL DYNAMICS manufactured dehumidifying equipment for the U.S. government and its independent contractors. Dehumidifiers were installed and utilized to preserve valuable, vital material at missile sites, warehouses and on "moth-balled" ships. As the drying of plastics material became increasingly important to large scale production, UNIVERSAL DYNAMICS entered a joint venture with the Rainville Company, through Dupont, to supply drying equipment for plastics material. Supplying drying equipment for the plastics industry rose and government contracts declined as UNA-DYN moved forward.

By 1960, UNA-DYN was fast becoming a lead supplier of dehumidifying dryers, resulting in the need for a larger facility. Relocating to Woodbridge, Virginia, provided much needed space to facilitate building the first large capacity dryers needed by the plastics industry for processing of resin material in refrigerator liners and other large parts formed from sheet material.

In 1965, UNA-DYN was sold to one of its largest customers, The Rainville Company. Manufacturing continued under the Rainville name in the Virginia facility and at the Rainville New Jersey facility until the early 80's. In 1982, The Rainville Company sold its New Jersey machinery operation, along with the Rainville name, and adopted the UNIVERSAL DYNAMICS name for the Virginia facility headquarters.

Continued growth and technological advances mandated an expansion and site improvements in 1992, which included an additional 25,000 square foot warehouse. UNA-DYN'S development of gas fired heaters for existing dryers and crystallizers brought an alternative energy source and increased energy efficiency to the plastics industry.

MANN+HUMMEL, a German automotive supply company, purchased UNIVERSAL DYNAMICS in 1995 adding to a divisional list of manufacturers providing plastics processor with systems worldwide.

1995: PCT, Pulse Cooling Technology is patented and introduced.
1996: ISO 9001 Certified.
1999: Purchase Missouri based company, AutoLoad, serving small to moderate throughput plastics processors with compressed air material handling systems.
2000: Advancements in PCT are introduced at NPE as PCT2 Drying Technology.
2002: ISO 9001:2000 Certified
2003: UNA-DYN introduces AutoGrind product line and the new FACS Windows based Control and Monitoring System at NPE.
2004: H20 Engineered Water Systems division introduced to serve process water requirements.
2007: 50 years of service to the Plastics Processing Industry! Donald Rainville retires as company president and passes leadership to Bill Goldfarb, Vice President, Integrated Systems Group.
2008: Piovan S.p.A. (Santa Maria di Sala - Venice - Italy) purchases Universal Dynamics, Inc. Piovan is a well known leader in PET Bottle Auxiliary Equipment and Systems in North America, manufacturing a full line of auxiliary equipment worldwide.
2018: 35-mile move in Virginia from Woodbridge to Fredericksburg



Piovan Group President’s message

23 March 2020 S. Maria di Sala, Venice, Italy

Dear Partners,
I would like to update all of our Stakeholders concerning the current operativity of Piovan Group during the medical emergency of COVID-19. Firstly, I want to reassure all of you that any choice and future activity have, as a primary aim, the health and safety of our Collaborators and of our Customers, duly following the regulations issued by the Governments where we operate.
All production sites, service & sales companies are operating with continuity.

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