HCWB BlenderAccurately blends resin of various bulk densities by weight

Float block image hcwb

Una-Dyn manufacturers Gravimetric High Capacity Blenders for greater accuracy when measuring by weight rather than volume. Our series of batch-style blenders produce accurate mixtures of better than 0.25%. Experience accurate control over the quality of your end product and improved inventory control. All provide extra savings in a time when it matters the most.

Depending on your application needs, Una-Dyn High Capacity Blenders offer a throughput up to 10,000 PPH and may be configured with two, three or four components.


● Extremely accurate blending of various density resins
● Up to 4 components
● Low level material switches
● Homogenizing mixing chamber
● Vacuum take-off drain out
● SPI protocol
● Throughputs up to 10,000 PPH
● Optional motors and augers for varying throughputs