AutoMateAdaptive multiple hopper central drying system

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A modular assembly consisting of hopper, stand, heater, temperature control, airflow ducting and branch valving are used to build multi-hopper central drying systems. Designed to comprise a grouped system assembly with common dimensions for a minimal footprint, clean appearance and ease of accessibility.

Pre-plumbing of dehumidifier supply and return ducts with branch airflow connections provide ease of installation and fit.

Standard hopper branch valving is automatic, making multi-hopper dryer airflow balancing trouble-free, as well as providing full hopper shut-off when individual hoppers are offline for clean-out and set-up.

Manually-operated branch valving and a deletion of the trunk and branch valving is available to fit any drying application.


● Guaranteed drying performance
● Homogeneous thermal conditioning and lowest residual moisture levels
● Auto-adaptability without any input required by the operator
● Highly intuitive HMI graphics
● Broad range of configurations for all applications