DHD SeriesTwin desiccant bed dehumidifying hopper dryer

Float block image dhd 15 udip

The DHD Series twin desiccant bed dehumidifying hopper dryer features insulated double wall construction for minimal heat loss and reliable energy efficient operation. The dryers' simple and open frame design permits easy access to all key components for maintenance and access to filters.

Standard processing temperature range is 180° - 250° F. High and low temperature applications using either a pre or after cooler for drying temperatures below 180ºF and above 250ºF available. Unit is designed with high performance, reliability and simplicity in mind. Depending on the resin being dried, the dryer is capable of achieving throughput from 300 to 10,000PPH.


● Energy efficient - Gas or electric operation
● Easy maintenance access
● High performance change over valves
● Separate process and regeneration blowers
● High efficiency filter system
● FOCUSpro control touch screen control with built-in Material Saver and DataLogger fuctions
● -40 Dewpoint standard
● 300CFM to 10,000 CFM available