GasPackRetro-fit conversions for process air dryers

Float block image gaspack

The Una-Dyn GasPack utilizes natural gas to heat process air entering the hopper of a process dryer or crystallizer. Flames are isolated from the process air flow using an indirect fired heat exchanger. As part of an original configuration or as a retrofit, the GasPack easily adapts to transform equipment into a clean natural gas system. Experience near zero emissions from the exclusive high intensity distributive flame burner.

Digital temperature control maintains temperatures up to 400°F with a throughput range of 500 - 4500 CFM.


● Exclusive non-ceramic burner
● Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel
● Digital temperature control
● Process high intensity distributed flame radiant gas burner
● AGA/UL approved flame controller, valves and controls
● Compliant with national fire protection association (NFPA86) and FM
● Propane units optional
● Free energy analysis