PCT2 SeriesPulse Cooling Technology Dehumidifying Dryer

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The PCT2 Series Dryer features a compact, cabinet style design with heavy duty change over valves, closed loop drying and easy access to all moving parts for easy maintenance. PCT2 delivers to a -100ºF dewpoint delivers stable material temperature throughout the drying cycle. Our patented hopper throat adapter provides additional benefits of constant, staple process temperature and material throat temperature at ±2 of setpoint.

Capable of processing resin at 120ºF - 375ºF, the PCT2 has a built in cooling coil and throughput range of 300 - 4,000 PPH.

The unique closed loop design permits immediate start-up after extended dryer shut-down. No dry cycling required.

Simple, yet powerful FOCUS controls provide effortless access to the next generation in energy-managed drying technology!


● Energy efficient, closed loop drying
● Gas or electric process & regeneration heaters
● Extremely stable dewpoint up to -100ºF
● High performance change over valves
● Conserves floor space
● FOCUSpro touch screen control with material dewpoint, Material Saver and DataLogger
● Easy access to all components