XLTR Series CrystallizerDesigned for amorphous PET or PLA virgin/regrind material

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The XTLR Series Crystallizer hopper dryer offers superior crystallization of many amorphous resins. Standard design features enhance performance throughout the process to increase performance in the critical glass transition zone and a pellet separation system for even, unobstructed flow to the take away area.

Energy efficient and easy to clean, a closed loop design recovers exhausted air from the crystallizer and a removable breaker bars simplify cleaning while preventing material from rotating with the agitator. Process heaters available as gas or electrically fired.



● Energy efficient - closed loop design
● Solid cone - no perforated metal
● Particle separation system before take-off
● Easy to clean - detachable lower cone
● Oversized Clean Out Door
● Removable Breaker Bars Externally