B series - medium large size granulators

Float block image granulator b12x20bis web

The B Series of granulators is constructed for grinding beside the press of wastes from injection, blow moulding, extrusion and for general uses. Available in one standard model and a number of versions, it has a large feed opening and a sturdy structure to ensure reliability and long operating life.

• B30-50-3K
• B40-70-3K
• B40-90-3K-TS
• B45-100-3K-TS

Cutting chamber: ø 305 mm;  ø 419 mm;  ø 457 mm

Technical data:
• Suitable for injection & blow moulding, extrusion and general purpose applications
• Four basic models
• Tilting hopper manually operated for easier cleaning and maintenance
• Advanced scissors cutting action, reduces energy consumption, heat and dust generation

• Injection
• Blow moulding
• Extrusion

Designed for:
• Small pieces of scrap and sprues
• Small diameter tubes and profiles
• Pieces of scrap which have already been reduced in size
• Fine granulation of power cables
• Edge trims
• Sheets