TRM series - single shaft shredders

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Shredders in four standard models for shredding processing wastes from the injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion industry. The newly patented system for fixing the rotary blades with inclined cutting, allows recycling of large components providing high production outputs with limited energy consumption. Equipped with a PLC specially designed for controlling various applications, with the possibility of selection from among different automatic operating programs.

• TRM600
• TRM900
• TRM1200
• TRM1500

Technical Data:
• A new system to fasten rotating blades has been built and patented, featuring cutting angles which help recycle difficult components and achieve high production levels with restricted energy consumption
• Suitable to recover plastic materials, discharges, films, car parts and also electric cables, wood, paper, etc.
• Fitted with a PLC which has been adequately designed to manage different applications, with the chance to select among different automatic machining programs

• Injection
• Blow moulding
• Extrusion
• Film
• Recycling

Designed for:
• Large wastes from purgings and casts
• Tubes and profiles with large diameter
• Wet or dry granulation of bottles in bulk
• Electric cables
• Granulation of fibres
• Wet or dry granulation of bulk film