Cyclone FilterRemoves excessive heavy fines, prolongs the life of equipment and decreases normal maintenance

Float block image cyclone type2

Utilize Una-Dyn Cyclone Floor Filters as a pre-filter for efficient, substantial removal of fines from the vacuum line or dryer return air line. Recommended for use in systems processing moderate to very dusty materials or regrind, Una-Dyn Cyclone floor filters remove excessive heavy fines, prolong the life of equipment and decrease normal maintenance of the primary filter assembly.

Some applications may require additional filtration. Una-Dyn offers a full line of floor filters - bag and cartridge styles, for fines filtration.


● Efficiently removes substantial levels of fines
● Prolongs life of pump pre filter and reduces maintenance
● Free standing
● Easily removable collection can with sightglass
● Sizes available to fit most vacuum conveying systems