LS-45 LoaderFully automatic, self-contained vacuum loading

Float block image ls45

The LS Series self contained loader features fully automatic, self-contained vacuum loading for beside the press loading of virgin pellets or regrind. All contact surfaces are constructed of stainless steel with no internal seams to trap material or fines. Packaged with necessary tubing and hardware, the vacuum blower motor assembly is mounted on the vacuum chamber lid, creating a single–station loader that is quick and easy to install!

Self-cleaning, the chamber filter is purged of dust and fines after each load cycle with automatic pulse cleaning. All LS Series self-contained loaders include a standard SCL control. The LS 45 has a maximum throughput rate of 450 PPH.

Add an optional external dual ratio valve to permit proportional loading of virgin and other additive or regrind material.


● Beside-the-press loading
● Stainless steel modular construction
● Seamless chamber interior
● Heavy duty blower motor assembly