LSB-45 Self-Contained LoaderBrushless motor technology - reducing motor maintenance and improving reliability

Float block image lsb45

The LS-B series of self-contained brushless loaders come with an impressive list of standard features. Powered by SR commutated brushless motor technology, the LS-B series of brushless loaders delivers simple setup and operation with less motor maintenance.

All chamber material contact surfaces are constructed of stainless steel with no internal seams to trap material or fines. These loaders are built to last and eliminates the possibility of material contamination.

Ready for immediate operation, shipment is complete with tubing, hoses, clamps, material lance and solid state controls.


● Brushless motor technology eliminates the need to change out motor brushes reducing motor maintenance and improving reliability
● Motor patented air seal bearing construction
● Life expectancy is 5-10 times longer than brushed motor equivalent
● Electronically commutated switched reluctance motor
● SMC-SCL microprocessor control with digital display
● Stainless steel modular construction
● No internal seams- eliminating material hang up
● Available as single inlet or with optional external dual ratio valve
● Internal material deflector - standard
● High performance filter media
● Throughput rate up to 450 PPH conveying distances up to 60 equivalent feet
● 120 voltage 50/60 Hz


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