PowerMax-HP PumpQuiet operation with full sound enclosure

Float block image powermax hp pump

The PowerMax-HP Series Positive Displacement Pump delivers a quiet operation that surpasses minimum OSHA noise requirements. Compact, rugged construction that is durable; and attractive features a mirrored stainless steel enclosure with modular panels for easy access to all internal components.

Available in single or multi-pump configurations, addressing many conveying needs within one pump housing. The PowerMax-HP delivers the maximum vacuum level within the line size and the integral vacuum breaker valve ensures maximum performance for fast cycle loading.


● Stainless steel enclosure
● Compact design optimizes floor space
● Easy component access
● Vacuum breaker valve for fast cycle loading
● Available in 3, 5, 7.5, 10 and 15HP
● Single or Multi-Pump configuration