FACS 4.0Advanced Control and Monitoring System

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FACS 4.0 is Una-Dyn’s latest development of a state-of-the-art and distinctive auxiliary equipment control and monitoring system. This unique distributed control system has both power and data transmitted throughout the plant using only a two-wire twisted pair wire. A simple power and data distribution network requiring no conduit or extensive or expensive wiring.

Using a Windows-based platform, FACS 4.0 can control and monitor a facility’s entire material handling, drying and blending system including silo inventories, blenders, chillers, temperature controllers and all SPI compatible equipment as well. In addition, WiFACS permits the user to view and control system operation remotely through an iPhone, iPad or many other compatible handheld devices.




● Easy to use Windows based program
● Fully developed factory management system
● Distributed I/O AND distributed control, reduces wiring and implementation requirements to minimum via (2)-wire installation
● Integrated interfaces for dryers, central dryers, XTLR’s, blenders, silos and chillers
● Control and monitoring via wired or wireless Windows computer stations
● Control via iPad/iPhone, Android and other smart devices
● Vacuum system profiling for diagnostics and maximum efficiency with enhanced PX pump module. Data reports are stored on built-in database for future use
● Immediate notification of exceptions to process parameters